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Thursday, March 31, 2011

hey bloggers..just comming back from skate with brem.. not too tired coz...hmmm only god know how i feel right now..hmmm..cepatlh sick n tired of this feeling evry day..cant sleep well..i think when i meet her then i can eat. life is not to happy right now. ya..evry where we went together. even this house look to the right.to the left.behind.infront.up n down. feel like crying. every day of my dream are tears..i miss her so much..i cant leave without her.she cant msg me at this moment coz her pp8 is currently low..but i can call her or text her..but i dont want to disturb her with her friends..shes enjoying krokie..i really miss her voice. on thursday morning after visiting risno.thers no bus.how can i let her walk alone.so i send her home. by BICYCLE!!!. usally before i send her hm.we will seat at this bench under this blk..yestrday she dont have her itouch wit her. so she want to sing this song"aku cinta.aku rindu" at her motorola hp have that song..so we sing the song..while singging she ask me..are u crying..tell me the truth. i dont want her to feel sad i just said no..actully im very very very very sad!! dear i really love u. after that i send her home. than on my way home i text her a msg .i tell her i love u hunney.. evry time when i said that i will cry. mane tau lps dh hntr balik mati kene langgar ke. is good to said i love her before some one bang into me. yestrday when i woke up i recieve a msg.that said."my dear,i tersadar tdi jap beyh nw nak get back to cleep.sayang bbhy .mmuwah! hug and kiss bile jumpe please?hehehe." i was so aww..thats make me miss her lagy banyak. bhy i sayang u n i will not stop loving u. mwaaahhh!!!


10:00 AM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

hey people sorrie cuz lame tak apdate my blogg:)

Currently at home chatting with my only siti raudah,no one at home just me and ipan:(.Today plan with lovely to wach NDP preview..tpi tengoklh camne..Tommorow school,hmmmm when school start lazy come..but i try to trow the lazynes..huhuhu..next week i plan to apply for driving license..sampi bile nk bwk bicycle..kesian lovely..asik2 duduk kt atas besi..hehehe bru je habis buat badan..i wann my six pack back..hehehe..i dont wanna any fats in my body unless muscels...i misses you siti raudah!!! mwaah!! besok puase k...



12:18 AM

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hey blogger.

currently at home..resting..huhu yesterday work..im feeling cold n flu righy now..huhu..
later mit my lovely attysta..im craving for ice kacang..butt..hmmm...only lovely know..shhh!!
nothing muchh to update..otak jamm...

later i update..


1:21 AM

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey blogger.
sorri lame tak update..buzy nan keje..hahaha.
curretly at my crib chill n minum KOPI..HARI2 KOPI...HHMMM...
Nanti lepas ni mi nak siap nak jumpe lovely.

Okie last friday.Lovely and mi went to take our sallary kt jourong.then we went to IMM.LOVELY beli baju kt cotton on ..heee..Okie than went back hometownn.Beli poker card than play under my voideck.Terserempak mash than play for a while then prosite to blk 2.to meet wardah..hmmm..HEEEHEE..TENAH BORING2 LOVELY AMEK HER MAKE UP than make up muke i..eee.i punye muke dah mcm bapokkk...eee...but that day is a bad day for mashh..MOTOR HILANGG..HAIYO!!!SEDIHH JE MASH...lepak2 sampi pagii..than after that chow!!

Saturday.FROMM RENT ROOM..prosite to vivo..perut laparr..tapi kite dah mndi tau.jAgAn ingat kite lepak tapi bau busukk..huuu..okie after that we mit rizal,brem,kakak sedare rizal n shawal kt haji lane have some sheeshaaa...huuuu...than from there prosite to bugiss then to my cribbss..

Sunday.Check out from my crib about 4 p.m then we went to cozway..jlan2 then we lepak udaer void deck main card..then ontw back nak hantr lovely nampak shabran and the gang kt cardcort,lepak nan dorang till light off..bile ligh off,wow! dongak ke nampak banyak bintang2..huuu..then lepass tu hantr lovely safely to her cribs then i went back to my cribs..



2:27 AM

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey wassupp readers...

Have fun weekend with my lovely attysta n my 2 homies brem n mashh...hahaha..from friday till sunday...okie,friday night mit lovely and my homie..when to admiralty park..have some drunk...shhh..tpi tak mabuk uh..

Okie then when back home,saturday evening when to lovely sister crib,then at night when to iluma with lovely,brem and wardah ...dance,dance and dance..huuu...lovely have alot of fun..coz she like to dance..huuu..:) then about 3a.m go off from there..then chill2 at Mc. about half and hour..we split , lovely and me when to some where else..brem looking for night rider...:)..then sunday morning when to lovely sister house chill2..than when back to our home town ..bby craving to eat mee kuah..then when i send lovely home..
okie picture for saturday was with bremm..
currently chatting with my lovely attysta...

goodnyte readers.. :)


7:18 AM

Sunday, April 25, 2010


sorry ya coz dh lame tak update :)

okie today slacking at home coz semalm dh klua penat sikit uh..huhu bsk dh skool...haiyo!!

Actully i dont know there was asuprrise for me that day..so lovely call me and said she want to go out to bukit batok..westmall..after abt an hour or 45 min she went there..lovely call me ..she ask me to siap..i dont knw where lovely want to bring me...i just go with lovely..the place..she bring me to westmall..what on mind is that lovely just went here just now..hmm..huhu..after browsing arnd there go out side and smoke..suddently brem my best fren come..hehe..after smoking..lovely,me n brem when to took bus..idk where we are going..huhu..after about 7 bustop we went down the bus..and i saw KFC...hmmm..suddently i saw mash also my bestfriend..i was shock coz he was working at hougang then why he at there..okie i still dont know that there was a supprise..haha..lovely buy family feast and after we eat..after that HAPPY BIRTDAY TO FAHMI!!! HUHU ..AWWW!! then after about 12 we went back to home town and slaking at tree house then i send lovely home and i went back...:) thanks to my lovelly siti raudah and to my homies for the supprise!!!

yesterday when out with my lovely hunney bunney siti raudah huhu..i fetch lovely kt her cribs then i gave lovely a roses..huhu..selalunye klu i fetech lovely i tk bwk pape atau kadang kale bawak choclet je..tpi semalm nk kasilh roses pulak ..hehe..okie after i fetch lovely we went to toa payoh go jalan2 no idea..than bla..bla..blaa...hmmm..pas tu we went to novena..lovely nk mumm PIZZA HUT..tpi tk sempat ..so we went to makan at buger king..lovely order big bugger...i forget the name..huhu..her buger is big then mine..hehehe..then i went send my lovely siti raudah safely to her cribs...hehe..now alone at home nothing to do...siti raudah kamu nk klua tak???


3:38 AM

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sorry ya lame tak update blog huhu..
okie yesterday when to lovely house fetch her and her niece.when to CWP..huhu..then when to metro n to MCdonal..then when back to lovely cribs send her niece..then lovely and i when to my crib to guitar coz lovely want to learn it..huhu..lovely cepat belajar tau...huhu..good2...okie tonight when to watch midnight movie with lovely. lovely want to watch cite momok..huhu lame tak tenok wayang...But one thing i cant forget watch cite momok is i feel scared i took lovely hand and close my eyes..haha...till here k blogger..see ya next time....chow...


12:58 AM